The Uncomfortable Truth About Change

What is Transformation?

It’s a straight up question but the answer might not be so straight forward.

I believe it’s about more than messing at the edges of some process change or technology strategy. To me it’s about starting a journey that leads you to greater personal purpose and mastery and it will fundamentally change both the nature and the way you do business.

It’s not an A to B and then we’re done – you’re about to embark on something that goes WAYYYYY beyond simple performance improvement.

And I think *that’s* why my clients have had so much success – they’re prepared to ask the question “how do I need to better myself, so that I can better my organisation?”

And that’s what this week’s video is all about!

Video Transcript and Relevant Links

This morning I wanted to share a few thoughts with you about transformation.  It’s a word I use a lot and it’s probably one of those slightly vague words that gets bandied around and if you actually get down to it people start to ask well what is transformation ?

Transformation to me, is about that process of the caterpillar that cocoons itself up and then emerges as a butterfly.  It is this process by which we are changed and certainly for me, I see it as an ongoing journey of change and improvement and discovery and I guess a playful excitement at what might be coming next – it’s a bit of an adventure!

So what does that mean in a business context?

Well when we talk about transforming a business it’s that process by which we come to understand where we are today and make some significant changes.  So I’m not talking playing around the edges. I’m talking a massive overhaul in the way you think about work; the way that you do work; the way that you lead and what it feels like to live and breathe and work in that company.

And as I said it’s an ongoing journey.  So this isn’t something that we start and then at some point we get to the end and we say “done” we’re transformed. No. It’s this ongoing journey and this ongoing experience of discovery and curiosity and experimentation and the shift and change that happens as a result of that.

You will hear me say again and again and again transformation is more than digital and I firmly believe that you must do the work on yourself before you can do the real work on your organisation.

So it’s all very well to go out there and say change is going to happen to someone else.  “We’re going to fire that team over there and move their work over to the Philippines.”  “We’re going to change the way that that team operates and the way they’re structured, we’ll break them up and get them reporting to some other managers.”  …all very well to do that from a top-down hierarchical approach but that’s not transformation.

The transformation bit becomes when YOU are participating in that process as a leader and it’s about your change and how you change as both as an individual and an individual operating a role in your business.

That to me is the really powerful bit and I think it’s the bit that most people miss.  We go into change programs and we have a plan of what we want to shift and move, but there’s never any conversation about change happening to me and what does that feel like and am I ok with that and most of the time I’m not ok with that happening to me.

It’s the messy, dirty, nitty-gritty stuff of getting through how we need to change, how we need to step up as leaders, to be able to lead an organisation in a new way, to be able to push forward on those boundaries of innovation and change and build a place that people love to work.

So, probably more than enough preaching from me this morning.  As you can see it’s a beautiful day down here at the bottom of the Southern Alps in New Zealand I hope wherever you are you’re having a fabulous day too and we will see you next week.


– Danelle