What you should know about habits vs goals

It’s that time of the year again when we hear lots of conversation about goal-setting and new year’s resolutions.

But what if goals were actually hindering, rather than helping our progress?

Well that’s what this week’s video is all about!

(And trying something new)​​​​

Video transcript and relevant links

Hey so this morning we’re in Queenstown for a workshop with one of my dear friends Amanda Hanna, she’s also an alumni of tribe Leadership Retreats.  And today she’s going to be taking us through some goal setting for the new year, which will be interesting.

I haven’t set goals for the last… 5 years probably, if not longer.  And the reason I haven’t done that is because I came across an article a while ago, that talked about the difference between goals and habits.  

So whilst I don’t set goals, I’ve been very very conscious to work on forming habits, whether daily, weekly, monthly.  

So this article I read was actually, the example was this author was visiting the gym most days.  And he said he used to go to the gym and work through lifting 100lbs – I don’t lift weights, clearly, do you thing! – but he said he had these goals that he used to work towards, that he used to try and achieve and he was finding that he had injuries, he had all sorts of stuff going on.  

So what he did was he changed that up and he went towards habits.  And so what that looked like for him was that instead of having a goal of lifting a particular weight, or getting to a particular level, the focus on the habit meant that as long as he was in the gym everyday doing something, that was ok.

And he said he noticed this huge shift in his psyche.  So he went from pushing himself when he felt ill or past it, and over-stressing his body and overdoing it, to actually being more ok to let go and not push it so hard today, because he knew he was going to come straight back tomorrow.

And so for him it was a way of relaxing into… “this is a long game” rather than “this is a short-term thing that I need to fix”.

I found that fascinating. I’ve applied it in my life for the last, as I said, 5 or 6 years so Amanda might have her work cut out for her today but we’ll see!

It’s also one of those things that it’s really great to work with what you’ve got it right and every now again we’ve got to come back around and say ok so we used to do that thing and we didn’t do it for a while and maybe we give it a go again.

Or, we try that and it doesn’t work and we go back to the way that we were.  But I’m here to stretch myself today and to go back to something that I haven’t done for a long long time and I’m curious to hear from you: 

Goals or habits? 

Which are you working with today?  Which are your TEAMS working with today?

Leave us a comment below I’d love to hear from you.


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