Opportunity is knocking!

This is it, the biggest chance you’ll ever get.

Disruption has hit.  Things are chaotic​​.  It’s a great time to start changing the way we work, the way we think about work, the work we do – we’ve already go the excuse, and it’s not us that’s going to get blamed for the disruption. 

Let’s get out there and do some good, now’s the time people are looking for true leadership.  And you’ve got the goods to change.

Video transcript and relevant links

Wow it’s crazy world out there at the moment!

I hope you’re surviving well.

But it’s also a really exciting time!  If you’re a changemaker this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  If you have a transformation program up and running, if you’ve been thinking about change, this is it.  With all this disruption in place, stuff’s getting broken everywhere, you have a massive massive chance to go and make a difference TODAY.

We spend so much of our time constructing transformation programs and change programs to minimise the disruption and often no matter what we do, there is going to be disruption.  We’re changing!

But it becomes this hurdle that we need to overcome.  It can be a reason for a lot of people to put off making the decision to make the change that really needs to happen for business agility, for better responsiveness, for pivoting around what it is what our customers are asking of us.

Today, in the current environment, the disruption has already happened.  Stuff’s already broken. This is a massive, massive opportunity if you’ve got a transformation program that you’re looking at, that you’ve been trying to work out what to do with, that you’ve been thinking about for a long time – with all this disruption in place, you’ve got a huge opportunity to get your agenda over the line, today!

So, as an example, if you’ve got staff that are being stood down for in one particular part of the business there’s an opportunity to transfer those people with all of that knowledge and context across to another area of your operation where you’re needing to resource-up.

It’s a massive opportunity for cross-functional team development.  It’s a great way to get more people on the frontline – particularly if you’ve got a lot of enquiries coming in from customers.

I’ve got one client at the moment who’s in tourism.  Because a lot of their trips aren’t happening, they now have a bunch of staff that would otherwise normally be out hosting customers on a boat trip or a bus journey – we can now take those people and put them in a place where they can do some good!  

They can be helping out with our call centre staff and reworking the bookings, reworking, making things easier for customers as the cancellations are coming in, as plans are changing and customers want to change.

So my recommendation to you right now is to take this opportunity.  Look at the opportunities where you’ve already got disruption in the environment and you can start to make the process changes towards removing waste and failure in a system and working towards more value-driven work.  Definitely look at repurposing towards those things.

Take the opportunity where you’ve got tech strategy that can build towards business agility.  So how can you build-in the process that’s coming through in a way that means you can be more agile in the future.  Particularly around some of that stuff where maybe you can transfer a skill set.

And third opportunity, cross-functional teams.  Great chance to start pulling people from different parts of the business together.  Whether it be in a “war room”, in a taskforce or whether it be temporarily reassigning people to another area for business away from a place that is no longer requiring the input and the manpower, the effort – and repurposing them on to work that’s actually going to make a difference for customers.

So take the opportunity.  It’s not all bad. It’s actually a really positive opportunity for those of you that have been thinking about making change, that have been thinking about transformation programs.  So let’s go out there and SMASH it!

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