In The Beginning… There Were No Heroes

Today I wanted to share a bit more about my story with you – indulge me – because I think it helps to understand where I’m coming from and whether and how this stuff is right for you, in your business.

It all started in what feels like a galaxy far far away…

I promised myself I would never be that person and here I was, early December, sitting in front of my boss being asked to make 200 people redundant. 

​​ If all went “well” with the consultation period and closed-pool job applications we would be telling them – on the day the left for Christmas vacation – whether or not they had a job to come back to. I felt betrayed, and I was furious for them.


4 thoughts on “In The Beginning… There Were No Heroes

    1. Hey Grant! Oh wow, and caught in the act by someone who was there too 🙂 Thanks dude. It’s definitely one of those defining moments for me and it’s wonderful to have your feedback too. I hope you and your family are going well!


  1. I think that often the corporate stance is a coping mechanism for a less than fully developed human and how they handle a situation that is larger than their capacity or ability. Is their a leadership opportunity their for you?


    1. I’d completely agree with you – and we can all fall back into familiar, or more comfortable patterns when we’re under pressure or being asked to take on something larger than our ability (even if it hurts others).

      For me the real rallying cry is how do we move past that, how do we continue to be decent human beings at work. Doing the work on ourselves whilst we also work on our organisations. In that respect I think you and I are absolutely on the same page!


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