Four Pillars of Trust

I’ve had a few conversations this week with leaders who have suddenly found themselves with a team working remote, dispersed and without a common gathering space.

It sparked some enlightening conversations about what we fear most, that is (or seems to be) are my team working hard, how do I know?

Whilst I was never going to be the right person to help you micro manage your team’s activities, I can certainly share with you a cool mindhack that I’ve used to help build trust.

Think of it like a diagnostic tool, it’ll help you dive into what’s causing the uncomfortable sensations and open up some opportunities for making a change that’s going to resonate well with everyone – and have your staff feel like you’ve got their back, rather than looking over their shoulder.​​​​

And next week, I’ve got a special treat for you.  We’ll demo a tool that will help you build a digital gathering place for your team and ramp-up your visibility and their productivity.

Video transcript available here (PDF)

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