Pillars of Trust – Part 3 – It’s not you, is it me?


So here we are with what’s turned out to be a mini-series on trust – cool!

Pillar three: Character.

I hear it so often “Richard doesn’t get it” or “I really don’t like working with her”.  It’s not uncommon when working with clients that they present the lack of trust with a tricky stakeholder as coming down to character.

But really?  Well sure, we work through those other pillars and often find it might not be character at all.  But what if it is?  What if after really taking a long hard look at yourself it still comes down to character?

Well that’s what this week’s video is all about – a simple mind-hack to help you unlock a path to progress if you think the lack of trust is a result of poor character…


2 thoughts on “Pillars of Trust – Part 3 – It’s not you, is it me?

  1. Hi Danelle,
    This one really hit home for me. Years ago we were catching up over coffee, and I was whinging about the fact ‘X’ was always so defensive and quick to anger if you questioned him or sought clarification on ‘why’. He was obviously just a terrible person, or was working by rote and was scared of being found out.
    You simply said to me “Maybe it is the way you’re asking” and left it at that.
    I was mentally floored. I had to reevaluate my attitude and communication style. It turned out to be a pivotal moment for me, such a simple comment but life changing.
    Keep up the excellent work.


    1. Oh Dave you just made my morning! thanks so much for sharing. Sometimes that moment of introspection can be so powerful – even if secretly you still think it’s them and not you, realising that if you keep focusing on “them” there are no clear answers, few ways forward. Once you turn the lens around all of a sudden there’s limitless possibilities in how you choose to show up. And I love our coffee catch ups!


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