How to Stay Grounded In Turbulent Times

When I ask executives about their meditation practice, it’s not uncommon to get a raised eyebrow…

But the data’s in, it’s good for you, and I think many of us if we weren’t there already are at least realising that we need to have a real plan in place for reducing the stress that goes along with the job – whether that’s food and exercise, or better sleep.

One of the things I’ve noticed with meditation is that people often view it as a bit hippie dippie and maybe find it hard to get started.

“I don’t want the fluffy stuff, give me an actionable plan and a toolkit that’s going to improve my performance, reduce stress and help my wellbeing”

So this week I’ve got an intro into 5 different styles of meditation – so you can try a few different things and find what works best for you.


P.S. Here’s the links to the resources I talk about in the video:

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