Pain In The Right Place

“It’s like… you’re on Tinder and ‘Innovation’ has a really sexy profile pic, so you swipe right – but now that we’re in the face to face meeting… they don’t look anything like their profile pic.”

My team were riffing about our current frustrations, challenges, and next steps. One of the things I find hardest about this work is it often results in individuals bearing a greater burden whilst we change.

And now and again we get some great metaphors 😉

Change can be hard. And slow. And frustrating. Frankly it can be downright painful as you work through fallout of process and technology change. There’s uncertainty about where things are going and you’ll often find yourself in some kind of version of “the devil you know” conversation…

And that’s what this week’s video is all about – how do we make sure the pain is in the right place?


– D.

P.S. This week I open up registrations for the Change Thinking Masterclass.  It’s going to be a super-fun course, we’ll cover a lot of what’s in this week’s video and I’ve made a short video for you that talks all about it CLICK HERE to see the change thinking video

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